EPDM Roofing in Bowling Green

If you are interested in investing in an extremely durable flat roof for your commercial building, Rooster Roofing LLC’s EPDM roofing might be the perfect fit for you. We are rated as the top roofing choice in the local area for both new construction and replacement projects. Our team will happily install your rubber roofing seamlessly, making sure everything is correctly sealed.

Whether it’s EPDM roof repair, maintenance, or installation, our top priority is client satisfaction, and we intend to achieve it on every job we take on.

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Before we move forward with anything, we want you to be clear on the details. We value honesty and transparency, and that’s why we will always start by setting up a consultation. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your availability, and we will always provide you with quotes upfront.

Once we meet with you, we will establish which of our EPDM roofing services you need, and we will answer any questions on your mind. From there, we will outline the overall cost and timeline of the work and run it by you for confirmation.

Rubber Roof Installation

When you own a commercial building, it is crucial to invest in exceptionally durable roofing like EPDM. Whether it’s a new construction or an old build, our roofers can install single-ply rubber roofing on your property promptly and professionally. You will enjoy the benefits of superior insulation and durability, and you won’t need to replace your roof any time soon.

If installed correctly, EPDM roofing is practically failure-proof. With many years of experience, our roofers know how to apply and seal the material the right way so that this holds true.

Rubber Roof Repair

If something has punctured your EPDM roofing, there is no need to worry. Repair is quite simple when it comes to a rubber roof, and all you need to do is give us a call. We will arrive on the premises on time, fully equipped, and ready to work.

Once we locate the tear and check the surrounding areas for more, we will patch it using the same rubber material. Our team makes sure to apply the most proven techniques for a smooth, sealed finish.

Rubber Roofing Maintenance

Just like any other roof type, EPDM still requires regular maintenance checks for the longest-lasting results. Meet with our experts to figure out a plan that works for you, and we will come by at the frequency of your choosing.

Advantages of EPDM Rubber Roofing

There are many benefits to choosing EPDM roofing over other flat roofing types. These include:

  • Increased durability (between 30 to 40 years)
  • Product assurance and warranties
  • Streamlined installation
  • Lower overall cost

EPDM Roof Repair and More in Bowling Green

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